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December 18, 2013
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Moonflower Lin - BIO by Bitchkraft Moonflower Lin - BIO by Bitchkraft
4/14/14 BIO story updated

Full Name: Moonflower Lin
Also Known As: Moonflower
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: October 15th
Occupation(s): Panera Cash Register
Theme Song: Primadonna Girl - Marina and the Diamonds

Species: Grey and White Tabby Cat
Height: Average
Weight: Slim
Bodily Build: Slim, some muscle, medium sized breasts, average sized ass bum
Eye Color: Blue
Fur Color: Grey and white and dark stripes
Jewelry: Three different ears piercings, belly button ring

Attitude: Moonflower's goal is to make people fear her, so she can have a high reputation. Her reputation in schools is extremely important to her and she makes her way to the top by constantly putting others down. She will be rude and snobby around people that compete with her as she is very competitive. Moonflower believes that she can always get her way and is known to always have an attitude. She is determined and is very ambitious with her life goals. She doesn't believe anything can get in her way while trying to achieve a goal and is blind to the difficulties in life after high school. 
Likes: Cheer and dancing, being known and remembered, drama (her name gets around and people pay more attention to her), Sexual/Romantic relationships, Fashion and makeup
Dislikes: Being around too many people, parties (during her senior year she stopped going and began to feel too old for partying), being honest, people knowing the real her, when people joke about serious situations, females that are around her age

Father: Alive
Mother: Alive
Romantic Interests: Single
Close Friends: Emily, Crystal, John (EX) , Gothic, Dylan, Mudtail (EX), Holly
Enemies: Deidre (Frenemies), Fiona

Weaknesses: Being alone in a crowd of people she doesn't know, she is blind to the challenges of the real world, she doesn't believe bad things could happen to her, she worries too much about her reputation, too secretive, hard to get people to like her
Strengths: Singing, cheerleading, well coordinate, high confidence, good listener to people she cares about

Life Overview: Moonflower was born as a single child in her family. As she grew up, she naturally had very curly black hair and wore glasses all the time. She was always afraid to dress how she wanted to so she ended up wearing her old hoodie over all her tops. As she was in middle school, she always admired the popular kids, and she always imagined being like them and all the things she could do. Moonflower was constantly bullied in middle school and put down. She was afraid she would be made fun of she tried to look pretty by doing her makeup and hair. Her best friend, Colleen, was always with her. Colleen hated the popular kids and she always talked shit about them to Moonflower. Moonflower never actually agreed with Colleen, as she admired them, so she kept to herself about it. Moonflower was struck by one kid, who was a year younger than her, named Mudtail. She was romantically interested in him. In her 8th grade year, her parents informed her that she was moving to another school once she finished middle school.  Knowing that she was going to be moving to a whole other school, she wanted to make herself remembered at her old school. During her 8th grade year, she faked being a lesbian, and dated her best friend, Colleen, who believed the relationship was real. Moonflower 'ended' the relationship when she moved away. During that summer, Moonflower had bleached her hair and began to buy a new wardrobe and makeup. She knew it was her only chance to become popular. As she started at her new school as a freshman in high school, she immidetaly impressed people and guys. She tried to get the lower status people away from talking to her, and she focused toward only talking to the popular kids. This caused her to become friends with Dylan, Gothic, John, and Emily, who were all popular kids in her grade
        Moonflower joined in cheerleading, and longed to be the cheer captain before she left the high school. In her sophomore year, she was looking amoung the new freshman, and realized that Mudtail (from her old school) had moved to the same school as her. They began a romantic relationship, and she fell in love. However, when she entered her Junior year, she cheated on him at a party. She was afraid Mudtail would bring down her popularity if she kept dating him. She had other relationships after that, but she always had true feelings for Mudtail. Over the years she gained her popularity and spot as cheer captain during her senior year. In her senior year, she decided to date Mudtail again. Moonflower noticed that he wasn't happy anymore, and he constantly drinked and smoked alone. He spent most of his time crying and he was very insecure about himself. Moonflower felt like he wasn't giving her any attention, she she broke it off with him. She told Mudtail that she was date him again when he 'cleaned up his act'. When she began her senior year she began to calm down with her attitude and began to focus on her dream to become a famous popstar. Moonflower enrolled and was accepted in a very good college, but during her first semester she ended up dropping out due to lack of money. 

Roleplay: Open
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What kind of RPs do you do? 
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I do anthro roleplays, but I haven't really done it for a super long time (like 5 years) so I won't be very good at it xD
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she is really a cutie!Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1]
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